Leading Lights


Alain Raquel Coleman – trail work, straw bale house painting

Al Gonzales – regional historian/storyteller

Alix Phillips – brave soul, creative visionary

Anna Brody – photography, web design, creative visionary

Brian Horton – thought provoker

Calvin Clark – creative visionary, motivator, board member

Carmella Ortega – Tohono O'odham basket weaver, Baer grass gatherer, workshop participant

David Huber – mentoring and design for book publication

Don, Jan, Lindsay Rheinheimer – event prep, trailwork, straw bale house repair

Donna DeRosia – quiche provider, Kestrel Kafe owner, free parking provider for land events

Ellen McMahon – University of Arizona professor of art, ongoing participant with students, board member 

Elizabeth Ortega – Tohono O'odham basket weaver, teacher of weaving and clay

Garth Davis – plant whisperer, plant teacher

Gina Cestaro – retreat leader, art teacher, Tohono O'odham Community College workshop leader

James Schaub – guest sculpture tour guide 

Jane and Gene Evans – plant teachers, identification guides

Jeff Clarke – satellite consultant, Vermont based

Jeremy Frey – trail maintainer and project participant, photographer, documenter

Jim Cook – University of Arizona professor of art, ongoing participant with students, video artist at the land

Josh Sanabria – ongoing participant, group work days 

Judy Pfaff – mentor, board member

Julie Frey – early days trail work, all around helper

Julie Sasse – mentor

Kelvin Yazzie – out of the box Navajo thinker, mentor, contributing artist

Kevin Silary – wood cutter, weed eater man

Liang Liuyun, and parents Ying and Fan – straw bale house repair

Mariel Miranda – ongoing participant, border artist extraordinaire, creative visionary 

Matt Cordes – tent site helper, singer and guitar player extraordinaire on the patio

Matt and Jeanne Baer – ongoing participants, group work days

Mimi Petro – lawyer, mentor

Moira and Charles Geoffrion – mentors

Nacho Flores – Tohono O'odham basketweaver instructor, storyteller

Naomi Molina – tent site repairs, straw bale house repairs

Nathan Cordova – photography

Paul Greengard and Rydingsvard – mentors

Peter Baer – cookout specialist

Punch and Casey Woods – mentors, supporters in every possible way

The late Rafina Chavez, grandmother to Nacho Flores – basket weaver

Richard Wager – supportive neighbor

Rick Green – satellite consultant, Vermont based

Rob Bauer – dirt and sculpture mover

Suzie Saxman – legal mentor

Tony Paniagua – Arizona Illustrated journalist, storyteller

Thomasa Rivas – art workshop leader, story teller, Tohono O'odham discussion group leader, board member

Varga Garland – provider of parents' home made furniture

Financial Contributors:


Andrea Morales

Anne Kushman

Barbara Penn

Ben Venema

Betsy Sosland

Clarabell Springer

Chrissie Bascom

Cynthia Flagg

Dan Schultz

Dee & Barney Hodges

Ellen McMahon

Gaby Giddion

Gina Cestaro

Howard Stewart

Jackie Fordyce

Jeff & Robin Timan

Jim Cook

John & Cathi Baer

John & Judy Kelly

John & Laurie Hollingsworth

Judy Pfaff

Matt & Jeanne Baer

Matty Davis

Mia Allen

Morgan Daly

Nate Lichti

Nelson & Cheryl Lehman

Patricia Deridder

Patricia Donahue

Punch & Casey Woods

Rick Ruoff

Rikke Dau

Rob Risley

Robin Stancliff

Sharon Stancliff

Tamara Gubernat

Vivian Chiu

Wendy Leeds

Anonymous donors


April Logan

Brooke Kilander

Grant French

Hannah Osborne

Liang Liuyun (Tracy)

Sam Rodriguez