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Getting Here

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The Land With No Name sanctuary is located off the grid, 35 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona on Tohono O'odham ancestral land

Here's The Deal

The LWNN is past the end of Sierrita Mountain road, at a remote location 4500 feet in elevation with little to no GPS service, accessible only via a network of unmarked and unpaved roads. 


Because of this, we ask vehicles to meet us at the Kestrel Kafe, a 25–30-minute drive from downtown Tucson. From there, we will lead you caravan-style the remaining 8 miles in, on gravel and dirt roads. We will also lead your cars back out to go home if needed. 


Four-wheel drive is not necessary, but high clearance is best. That being said, we have had mustangs, low Prius vehicles, and Teslas follow us to the land, with success! We also encourage carpooling – folks are welcome to leave some cars in the Kestrel Kafe parking lot and pile in to the more rugged vehicles in your group.


If you don't have a car that can handle dirt roads, or you don't have a car at all, we can drive you out to the land shuttle–style in our vehicles.

Contact Us


Kate Long Hodges

(520) 975 - 1965

Ted Wade Springer

(520) 405 - 9602

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