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Michael Fadel

Michael Fadel is a mechanical sculptor living in New Haven with his partner Anna Miller who is also a sculptor.  He is currently taking a hiatus from traditional art making to build his most functional sculpture yet: a floating artist residency on a 56’ steel sailboat. adriftproject is a home, a studio, and a traveling platform for artists of all types. Check it out at or on instagram at @adriftprojectresidency

Conceptually, Michael examines fluidity in reference to ego-oriented objects using fabricated, analog, machines comprised primarily of wood and steel.  In this manipulation of fluid and form, he seeks to further interpret a growing interest in the sea and its relation to personal and human discourse.

The Desert had Turned to Sea

Built in 2012 for the Centennial Award for a temporary public sculpture at the University of Arizona, this piece was conceived as a form of recording the early stages of entropy and mimicking the way Saguaro interact with the wind.  Four wind turbines—now long gone—hummed as the breeze passed through them, just as the thorns of a cactus vibrate in harmony.  At the Land for a decade now, decay is doing its work: the piece is very slowly returning to the environment and its name is no longer relevant—except to myself, who has since returned to the sea.

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