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Jeremy Frey

Gratification (2023)

Gratitude is the simplest form of prayer; I'm guessing prayer must have had its origins in gratitude. Gratification, then, a form of worship. To push it: to gratify oneself with another is an admission of the other, as divine. Gratification: from Latin grātificō, “to do a favor to, oblige, please, gratify”, from grātus, “kind, pleasing” + faciō, “to make”. Por favor, to make pleasing, then.

How hard it is to kill the self. (2020)

Two Sisters (2020)

Two Sisters embodies the paradoxical dance of hibernation and flight, capturing the essence of suspended existence during the pandemic's imposed pause. The branches, initially laid parallel on the ground as bodies in a symbolic mass grave, were bound together with steel laundry line – a visual allegory for the old patterns and energies that tether us. For a few months, these organic talismans hung on the side of my house, as talisman, as homage, as organic touchstone, as caged and bound faggots for a fire yet unlit.

Manzanita Figurina (2019)

My goal is to create work that not only inspires reflection and contemplation about the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world, but that also encourages an inward glance to one’s own magnificent frailty.

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