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Marie Jarvis

Marie Jarvis is an artist who received her Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from The University of Arizona. 

Monument To Presence/Guestbook is an interactive sculpture that resides on a high ridge at the Land With No Name. It originally came to us as an empty dress form, and Marie asked us to see what could happen if we left it out there in the high desert grassland for the elements and for people to visit. Soon, people passing by began filling it with offerings, one stone per person as they passed by. Now it is filled with hundreds of large and small stones, adding new sculptural dimensions to the work.

For Bees is a sculpture made from orange resin and steel. It lives in a thicket of Fairy Duster bushes at the Land With No Name. Many bee species have chosen to make this sculpture their home.

Monument To Presence / Guest Book

For Bees

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