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Artist Residency Program

at The Land With No Name Sanctuary


We’re based in the high desert grasslands just outside of Tucson, Arizona 

Our residency program provides opportunities

for artists to work, build, and develop their art objects, concepts, and experiences in an outdoor environment. Visual artists, musicians, poets, and performers have all found inspiration and collaboration out at the Land.

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This residency is for you–your time, your medium, your goals

We are thrilled to be able to offer a totally customizable experience. We work with you to decide on a time frame and financial package that works for your life and needs. The LWNN Sanctuary Residency program is currently only offered on a self-funded basis. We are working hard on getting the funding we need to make our residency available to all. Until then we encourage any interested but financially burdened artists to apply for their own grants to help make this opportunity available to you.


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We do things differently here. LWNN is not a gallery or museum – it's a space for land, art, and people to converge.

When you put your work out here it won't be conserved in the traditional way. After you install a piece we let the land, its inhabitants, and its elements take the wheel. Heat, wind, monsoon rains, and all types of insects will take an interest in the evolution of your work. Any future conservation is your choice and responsibility.

The land and its offerings can also become an integrated part of your practice here – we encourage the gathering of organic material as guided with careful sustainability by Ted and Kate.



overnight or a couple of days

We have a small shipping-container bedroom, outdoor compost toilet, and outdoor kitchen available for short term, lower-cost residencies such as installing sculptures that are already fabricated, performance art works, or a concert. The shipping container can also be used for exhibitions requiring wall hanging space.



3 days, 2 weeks, a month, it's up to you!

In the Studio House you will have full use of 3 bedrooms, indoor bathroom and kitchen, and indoor studio space. You can stay here comfortably to advance longer-term projects such as sculptural fabrication or writing retreats. Any creative deep-dives that would benefit from quiet time alone to engage with the land and the full capacity of your practice are encouraged for this option.


day use

Once you have your works ready, we're able to host small groups to celebrate, participate, or just bear witness. Poetry readings, performances, indoor gallery exhibitions, and sculpture tours are all options for group day use.