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Ted Wade Springer

Ted Wade Springer grew up in Hopedale, Illinois on a farm raising corn, beans, and hogs. He moved to Tucson, Arizona and received his Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture in 1998. Ted’s work incorporates readily accessible materials including (but not limited to) steel, concrete, and wood. Much of what he uses has had a previous life as building material.


He has called Tucson home since 1989. He came to Tucson as a Mennonite volunteer and fell in love with the desert. From 2003 to 2020 he was the lead cutter for the creation of Ursula von Rydingsvard’s large cedar sculptures.


He is the founder of The Land With No Name Sanctuary For Homeless Sculpture which is an alternative art space. He runs this project together his wife, Kate Long Hodges. It offers artists and art appreciators a place to create, display and enjoy art in the high desert environment 35 miles southwest of Tucson.

Life Struggle

Ted's sculptural pieces have taken many forms and include many materials such as steel, wood, concrete, cast iron, motor oil, straw bales, and just about anything else that's not spoken for.

Life Struggle (fabricated steel) was chosen for the annual Centennial Award, and was installed on the University of Arizona's main campus.

In Sliding Time looks at the possibility that some events may be inevitable, but when they happen may be adjustable.

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