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Ted Wade Springer

Ted Wade Springer grew up in Hopedale, Illinois on a farm raising corn, beans, and hogs. He moved to Tucson, Arizona and received his Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture in 1998. Ted’s work incorporates readily accessible materials including (but not limited to) steel, concrete, and wood – much of what he uses has had a previous life as building material. He presently commutes back and forth from his work with the Land With No Name in Tucson to Brooklyn, where he works for sculptor Ursula Von Rydingsvard.

Life Struggle

Fire in The Void has to do with empty spaces , the structures we create to surround empty spaces and our attempts as humans in trying to fill empty spaces. This was a pre-9/11 sculpture that leaves me with unanswered questions after the images we have from that historic day.

In Sliding Time looks at the possibility that some events may be inevitable, but when they happen may be adjustable.