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Get Involved

With so many ways to experience the Land With No Name Sanctuary,

we want to lay it out real simple for you.

Here are just a few paths you can choose:


Sink into the Experience

  • Book a guided sculpture tour on our walking trails

  • Attend a creative workshop or desert ecology class

  • Schedule an individual retreat

  • Be an Artist in Residence


Create your own Opportunity

  • Install a sculpture or present an exhibition of your art in any medium

  • Arrange concerts, poetry readings, or performances

  • Lead a creative workshop, or ecologically-focused tour

  • Organize a class visit for your university students 

  • Host small group retreats

lwnn 3 28 testing ground 2009 TWS 004.jpg

Stay Informed

We send out just a handful of newsletters seasonally (usually about 2-4 emails per year) to inform our community about upcoming events, workshops, volunteer days, and artist residencies. If you would like to receive these emails, please subscribe below:

Make a Donation

Help support the future of the Land With No Name sanctuary by contributing a monetary or material donation

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