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Jerry Castillo

The Better Border Buddies

Jerry Castillo grew up in Laredo, TX and then came to Arizona to pursue his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Arizona. He has since returned to Laredo and is currently teaching at the Texas A&M International University. Jerry has family on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Jerry became a cop in Laredo prior to his move to Arizona and the creation of this piece. Better Border Buddies explores the feelings of identity conflict and helplessness that Jerry experienced while being part of the police force. There are 3 figures, and they stand guard along a borderline here on the Land, and metaphorically parallel to the US-Mexico border here in Arizona, just 35 miles south of where the sculptures stand. They are fabricated of plaster and rebar with a steel base, and they have stood the test of time for longer than anyone expected.

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