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About the Artists

Sculpture, performance, photography, painting, and more – here you will find the art that makes the Land With No Name a sanctuary of interaction, as well as the people and forces that create and shape it. 


Click on a profile to check out each artist, their work, and how the Land becomes part of the process.

[The Land With No Name] is one of those very special places that is a kind of permeable membrane between earth and human, where you suddenly remember things you had forgotten you knew about the earth, and she remembers you too.


During my first guided tour, I was most touched by a sculpture work I never saw, one that is no longer there, except in memory and in ways we don't normally measure. It existed through the lively descriptions of it by Kate and Ted as they visualized and shared how it moved and how it changed. What was important about the sculpture was the imprint and traces it left in space and time and on minds. What was important was how it had eroded, changed, and become part of something shared in the air we breathed and the sunlight we felt. 


– Holly Worthington, 2022 Artist in Residence

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