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The Land With No Name

a place to be, and to do


To create a space where Land, Art, and People come together

We gather at the Sanctuary to be creative with our hands, preserve cultural lifeways, find common ground, and explore our unique differences in an integrated habitat for sculpture that connects all visitors to the Land itself.

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The Land With No Name Sanctuary occupies 45 acres of high desert grasslands about 35 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona.

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New Art, Old Land

When a piece goes out on to the Land, it begins its collaboration with the elements. Our community generates group discussion on local desert wild foods, responsible foraging, grassland ecology, and archeological and Indigenous histories of the region. It is vital to the ongoing existence of LWNN Sanctuary to respect and protect this high desert grassland, homeland of the Tohono O’odham peoples.

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Founders Ted Wade Springer and Kate Long Hodges lead tours together with an emphasis on art appreciation for site-specific sculpture, where materials interact over time with the natural environment and elements. The sculpture tours are open to educational groups, families, local neighbors, retirees, teachers, research scientists, historians, visiting artists, humanitarian organizations, and retreat groups.

Artists in Residence

Our artist residency program offers a completely personalized experience tailored to each artists' needs. We can arrange anything from an overnight install to a multi-month residency, and are able to accommodate solo artists as well as couples and small groups. Spend some quiet time in the high desert developing a meditative creative flow, host a workshop, or entertain a crowd - choose your own adventure here!


Andragogy, Pedagogy,
& Heutagogy


Art classes of diverse media are available and include most visual media like sculpture, art installation, film, video, photography, printmaking, painting, and drawing.


We also run educational workshops that include oral storytelling, traditional and contemporary Native American studies, and outdoor education.


These classes are offered by our community members and the many visiting educators that we love to host! If you are interested in organizing a workshop as either a participant or as a visiting educator, please click below to contact us!


Tohono O'odham

Over the past 15 years, we have been building friendships with the Tohono O’odham community. We find connections; we love to work with our hands. We spend time together collaborating and teaching art workshops, participating in sculpture tours and sharing circles that discuss Tohono O'odham history, and contemporary issues. We now have Tohono O’odham representation on our board of directors. We believe in the importance of joining together and learning from one another in this special place.

Sustainable Building Practices


Under the guidance of Ted Wade Springer, community members use recycled building materials and solar lighting to design terraces for gathering and sitting areas, steps along trails, and a composting toilet, all built with respect for the environment in which the architecture resides. We have been building trails to minimize erosion, and to increase access to the sculptures. We also have a solar powered insulated storage container for multiple uses including classroom space, sleeping quarters, and exhibition space. 

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We have lots of space for you to come and stay! Explore our indoor/outdoor spaces including a shipping container bedroom accompanied by an outdoor kitchen and compost toilet. Cook a feast on the wood BBQ grill and 3-burner propane stovetop, serve dinner on the beautiful salvaged granite countertops overlooking the Sierrita Mountains.

for longer stays check out The Studio House



A different approach to art and interaction

The LWNN Sanctuary offers a unique experience for people as they venture out and discover art in the environment. It's different than going to a gallery, or going to a museum, or even an art collector’s house. For example, you may encounter rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and the occasional Gila monster. You may spend some time looking at the land where a sculpture used to be, or observing how a certain material interacted with sun, heat, wind, and rain. People who venture out to the Land With No Name Sanctuary are participants, not visitors; you contribute to the land simply by being there, and in doing so, are co-creators of your experience. We believe in self-guided learning, project-based education, and art that lives its own life outside of a buyer-seller market.

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Getting Here

Coming out to TLWNNS is a guided experience by necessity. We are located way out in the Sierrita Mountains, accessible only by a complex route of dirt roads without clear signage.

Click below to learn more about how to get to the Land With No Name

getting here
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Look, Listen, Learn

The Land With No Name Sanctuary is about engagement.


You have to find the sculptures, keep yours eyes and ears alert – it's part of the exploration and the discovery.  Here, you not only get to know the art but also the artist, the environment, and the relationship the sculptures have with each other.


You May See



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Donate Today

The Land With No Name Sanctuary has been a registered 501c3 since 2011. We work hard to build a space unlike any other that meets the creative needs of many, and we hope to continue this beautiful effort far into the future. We accept both monetary and material donations, and appreciate anything you are able to contribute.

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