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Kate Long Hodges


What a great feeling it was growing up on a Vermont apple farm with that freedom of space. How we long to find that space again…

I had a similar affinity to Ted in relation to the gallery world; I became less interested in art as object and money (although selling work is great too) but I became very interested in art as an experience. Sharing this experience of making and being with art on the land is what drew me to working with Ted.  And then seeing how other artists responded to the land and had valuable time and experience with the place became very inspiring. 


The artwork has a story and the land is the place where the story is told. This is a powerful combination. 


I have taken a strong interest in building bridges and supporting teachers, artists, performers, and individuals of all disciplines who come to the land to offer their workshops and retreats.

I facilitate by setting the stage for what they might need at the land to run their programs. Dance companies, artists, University groups, Tohono O’odham basket makers, and teachers of all kinds, have come to the land and utilized the space in unique ways. I want to be there for them, so they can share their magic.

We go to the land to interact with people and their art, native plants, and animals, all beings who have been living here for generations. As we build sustainable relationships over time, we plant seeds of trust and respect for one another. The Land With No Name inspires us to care for the desert, the art, as an act of celebration for all who walk here. This is art as experience.